Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Statements commonly heard around my house...

no, No, NO!

How's that working out for ya?

Sucks to be you

Ya might wanta think about doin' something different--just sayin'


Thanks for sharing (generally uttered with resigned sarcasm when FS#2 shares with me he is going to the bathroom....and why!)

That what are you going to now?

Ya think that is going to get you where you want to go?

You can kept arguing with me all you want, but the answer is still goin' be NO

Where is mean you ate the entire (fill in the blank)?!

Whatdya mean we are all out of (fill in the blank), I just went shopping yesterday!

That's what they're there for (FS#1 asking if he can share contents of condom drawer with his friends)


  1. Oh all this sounds sooo familiar. We were Love and Logic parents for a long time so I recognize some of those sayings.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blog. There aren't that many of us with teens out there.

    Mary in TX

  2. Yea, my first comment! Thx MarytheMom! It always strikes me how one can get to the same place from many paths. As I was sitting thru my foster parent training, I realized how applicable the training I recieved for substance abuse prevention for adults, adolescents and families would be for parenting traumatized teens. Ah duh, foster kids=high risk substance abuse. I'm in the process of crafting a post commenting on how skills learned from risk reduction can complement, love and logic skills and foster parenting traumatized teens in general. Stay tune.