Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I almost feel guilty posting about my Mother's Day since for many Moms in the foster/adopt blog world Mother's Day is not exactly a Hallmark moment. But, notice I said "almost". This is my second Mother's Day and I thought the first one was good, this one was even better! No breakfast in bed, no Mother's Day cards, but a good day all the same. I got up and got to spend the morning in the garden. The peace and quiet was momentarily broken by FS#2 skipping out to wish me a "Happy Mother's Day". As I was watering, planting and harvesting vegetables in the garden, I spied the Mother's Day gift FS#2 gave me on Friday. Now, he didn't classify it as a Mother's Day gift, he just said, as I was picking up from school, "I got something for you". The 'something' was a begonia planted in a pot that he had painted himself. The begonia has a prized spot in the serenity place that is my garden.

In the afternoon, I drove to College to pick up FS#1. When I got there, he wouldn't let me help load the car, instead he got 3 of his friends to do it. Boy are they fast, not neat and being a mover should be crossed off their job list, but they are fast. Maybe they can get a job as baggage handlers for the airlines! He drove us home and we had great conversations on the way home. During the drive, he informed me that he and his best friend were going to get my Mother's Day present on Monday. He is getting me a big-ass TV! When we got home, he and FS#2 emptied the car, again not letting me help. I had a long week and didn't want to go out to dinner so FS#1 ordered dinner for pickup from one of the chain restaurants. His treat!

Yep, I'm truly fortunate. Happy Mother's Day to all who parent other people's children.