Friday, February 12, 2010

People you will meet in this blog

Tho this blog is primarily a place for me to comment, vent or brag about my foster kids. Unfortunately, I have become one of those obsessed foster parents; I think about parenting all the time, I research parenting sites and blogs and I would talk about parenting all the time, except there is that pesky confidentiality issue... But in case anyone stumbles across my ramblings here is a guide to the people in my world.

TTBoot--me, the accidental foster parent. Been fostering since fall 2008.

FS#1--came to live with me in fall 2008 under kinship care (had prior relationship with him since he was 14) at age 17 years 9 months. Currently, a freshman in college.

FS#2--came to live with me christmas 2009 at age 16.

HoodRat--a former foster kid (left the system at 18) whom I befriended and try to mentor. If there is a bad decision to be made, HoodRat manages to find an even worst one. Currently homeless, almost 19 and surviving by couch surfing and using her assets.

The Village--as they say it takes a village to raise a child and I have gone out and begged and blackmailed (occasionally they have even volunteered, the silly fools) friends to help me with taking care of my foster sons.

Aunts Fun--special people in the village that have volunteered to put their lives under the microscope so that they can do respite care for FS#2.

Social and case workers:
Eager--young and clueless but has a good heart
Jaded--FS#2 sw, nuff said
Wonderful--FS#1 sw, has got to be one of the best sw in the world! FS#1 technically is an adult who has volunteered to stay in the system under independent living status. The system has no obligation to me whatsoever anymore. However, since FS#1 considers my house his home and this is where he comes during college breaks, his stuff is stored here and I'm the first person he calls for both good and bad stuff, she keeps me in the loop! She also does what she can to reimburse me for some expenses associated with FS#1, like driving him to college and housing and feeding during college breaks.

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