Monday, March 8, 2010

Interlude #1

I took FS#1 to a department store to buy him a dress shirt and tie for his prom. FS#1 wasn't too sure about this process as he has never bought any clothes from a department store, only the X-marts and maybe if he was lucky Tarjay. So I am almost dragging him to the men's department. Of course he had no idea what size shirt he wore, but I told him not to worry, that's what the little sales doobies were there for, its their job. So I got the attention of one of the sales doobies and dragged him over to FS#1. I informed the sales doobie that FS#1 needed a dress shirt for the prom, but he had no idea what size he wore. So....the sales doobie got out his tape measure and proceeded to take FS#1 chest, neck, arm and back measurements. The look on FS#1 face while this was happening was priceless, this experience was sooooo far out of FS#1 box. He had the exact same look on his face as when he was at the airport getting the pat down! Anyway, after trying on a few shirts, he selected a french cut white dress shirt. We then selected a tie that would match his girlfriends dress (I was surprised at how well the tie matched gf dress; FS#1 is not known for his observation powers).

Once we got home, FS#1 ran upstairs to try on the new shirt. About 2 minutes later he came flying down the steps (I think he only hit 2 or 3 of them) threw the shirt at me and flung his self on the couch announcing "This shirt is booby trapped!" It took me a few seconds to realize that he was referring to THE PINS in the shirt! ROTFLMAO! I helped him get all the pins out of the shirt and he tried it on. He was amazed at how well it fit. It was the first shirt that actually fit in the arms and wasn't super baggy in the waist. He was very pleased with his bad self.

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