Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 am and it is still quiet

By the sound of complete quiet (okay with the exception of FS#2 cats who apparentely got into the cat nip and are partying down in his room), you wouldn't know that there are 4 teenage boys in my house! Well you wouldn't know it as long as I don't look in the kitchen where the remains from the midnight snacks are still waiting for me to clean them up.

Because of the instability of FS#1 early childhood, he never had very many friends. So now his friends are very important to him. So important that bad decisions have been made because of wanting to keep friends close. So important that he and his close friends traveling in packs when he is home on breaks. And I do mean travel in a pack. Enough so that one of his friends annouced when he walked through the door that it was good to see me cause he missed my cooking! The pack alternates at whose house they sleep and tonight it was at my house.

Permanency means having a house where your friends can just drop in and hang out for a while.

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  1. Yes! I'm familiar with the fine line between recognizing how important friends are (for T., maybe like FS#1, they're literally all he had) and discouraging bad decisions driven by loyalty. Yesterday, a pack cruised through here and left a trail of breakfast cereal boxes and empty potato chip bags en route to the park. They're like a herd of roaming beasts sometimes - I can't believe how much food they consume. It's awesome that they come for your cooking!